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I'm a 21 year old traveling elopement, wedding + couple photographer based out of the windy state of Connecticut. While I am a lover of sandy beaches, warm sunsets, and exploring forests with my amazing clients. I also love chilling with you on cozy afternoons in your messy home, hanging out with you at your favorite coffee shop, or tagging along for a fun ice skating date while you goof off with your loved one. 

I am a firm believer in capturing the raw + real of my clients and I strive to capture you as authentically as I can. 

When I'm not taking photos, you can often find me exploring new places, eating tacos, hanging with my husband and our fur baby Gary, or tending to my 50+ houseplants. 

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My favorite thing about being a photographer is hearing your vision, capturing it, and bringing it to life as I strive to tell your story. I love capturing the unseen, messy, and perfectly imperfect photos that you never even knew you wanted. I live for those unplanned moments that aren't staged or posed, and capture the real you, the real story. 

I want to get to know you as my friends, not just my clients. I want to be the person who you can crack inside jokes with, not someone who just shows up and collects their paycheck then leaves.

From every little detail to those big moments you want to remember forever, I will be there documenting all of it and pouring my heart into your photos. 

"How do you describe someone like Abby? We met cause I’m also a photographer so we connected over something near and dear to us; but as a photographer I have real high standards. Well Abby exceeded the bar by miles in every way you can think of. I did an intimate bath session with my partner and you might think wouldn’t that feel awkward with someone snapping pics? Not when that someone is Abby. Abby laughed and joked and helped us feel natural and relaxed. My partner and I absolutely loved her. We really clicked with Abby but I can tell that’s just the kind of personality she has, she is the kind of person who you feel like is an old friend even when you’ve only known her for the hour of your session. The photos that Abby delivered blew my mind! I literally cannot pick a favorite one but they will all be going all over my house. The tones feel natural but warm and inviting. Somehow she captured the essence of our love and relationship in still images that hold movement, laughter, life. From the bottom of my heart Abby thank you for a gift that I will forever cherish." - Rachel + Ian
"Abby is the only photographer we have ever felt truly comfortable around, so much so that we flew her to gatlinburg, TN to photograph our wedding and boy did she deliver!! If you’re looking for someone who knows their stuff and is constantly growing and getting better/more creative with each shoot... message her NOW! Can’t say enough wonderful things about this woman." - Sara and Sterling
free spirited, raw, and wildly passionate 

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