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in state, out of state, i'll come to you. travel is always welcomed. fill out a contact form and fly me to your destination wedding, elopement, or session. let's do this thing.

     Weddings are stressful, I get it. I planned mine in 3 months, living in Indiana, while the wedding would be taking place here in Connecticut. Life sometimes throws you unexpected curveballs and your plans change and you just roll with it, you know?
     As a photographer, and especially as a wedding photographer, I've learned that no wedding will ever be the same. Some will go exactly as planned, right on schedule, other's will not. I don't say this to scare you, but to tell you've I've seen it all. And I am prepared for it all.
      Rain on your wedding day? No problem, I brought an umbrella. Let's still do photos outside and show off your gorgeous venue.
      Scorching hot weather + no clouds to be seen on your wedding day? No problem, I will be beside you the whole day, for as long as I am needed.
     Snow + freezing cold temperatures on your wedding day? No problem, I will gladly lay in the snow or trek waist deep in it to get the perfect shot. 
                    When I first started wedding photography, I made a goal of being more than just the photographer on your big day. I made it my goal to be your friend, someone you can crack inside jokes with, and someone who isn't afraid to get down + have fun at the reception (while still doing her job). I made it my goal to capture more than just photos, but an experience. If you are dreaming about your big day being you, your honey, and 30 people surrounded by a beautiful location, that is what I care about. If you are dreaming about your wedding day being at the biggest venue in the state surrounded by 200+ of your close friends and family, that is what I care about too. Whatever it may be, I am here for it.
                   I love what I do, I love my clients, and I love having a blast. For me as a photographer, weddings are more than just showing up, collecting a paycheck, and leaving. I want to get to know you, how you met your loved one, what funny quirks or silly routines you have with each other. Photography is a huge passion of mine and I display that in every image I deliver. 
                  I could go on and on about how much I love this job, the people I meet, and every aspect of my journey thus far in photography but I will end it here by saying this: if you want unposed, genuine, + raw and timeless photos to remember for years to come, reach out to me. If you want to laugh, run through a field with your lover, + feel one hundred percent comfortable in front of the camera, I'm your gal. 
** viewing of full wedding galleries can be requested upon emailing 

wedding packages start at $2400

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