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Intimate weddings + elopements 

adventurous | affordable |  spontaneous 

eloping... what does it mean?


if you’re looking to ditch the bridesmaid dresses, the unwanted family drama, the typical wedding day and just do something adventurous and out of the norm, I’m here for it. 

I’ll be your guide and photographer. I’ll be your planner. I’ll be your friend. I’ll help you create a day that’s unique to you and your love + intimate and special. 

eloping is more than just saying I do. it’s your passport, a plane ticket, and new experiences, it’s breathtakingly gorgeous views, and it’s an intimate experience that’ll leave you unstressed, wildly in love, and with new memories to share for years to come.

eloping can be so many things to so many people. it’s exhilarating, spontaneous, but above all it should be stress-free. it should be true + unique to you as a couple. 

my goal as an elopement photographer is to help you plan. to scout locations with you and help you find the perfect spot for you to promise your forever. 

a typical wedding can cost anywhere from $25-50k, but an elopement doesn’t have to. 


if you’re curious, or just ready to become a true eloper and jump right in, reach out! 

ask questions. you may be afraid to take the leap, but just know you are not alone!

I can’t wait to hear from you. I can’t wait to document every moment of your intimate day. to provide images that document the feeling behind every small moment to every big one, to everyone moment of your perfect elopement day. my services are all available all around the world- from an elopement in Iceland, to a warm summer day in Joshua Tree, to right here in New England - I’m available wherever + whenever. 

elopements start at $500 / hour


let’s do this thing! click here and we’ll get you started & well on your way to a beautiful, intimate elopement. 


what you need to know...

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