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you know the saying, "we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two"? that's how photography is for me. I've seen it all. I started this photography journey of mine with a $400 purchase of a new camera from Amazon and a fiery, burning passion for opening up my creativity + documenting big moments in my clients lives. 

if you're looking to pickup this crazy, wild thing called photography and truly learn the ins and outs of this business, a mentor session is the best way to do that.

check out these packages below and see what's best for you. you  + your willingness to learn are all that's needed to make your business flourish. 

let's freakin do this!!! check out my packages below + let's chat.

what other photographers have to  say:

"Before signing up for a mentor session with Abby, I had looked up to her photography for SO long. I was intimidated being a new photographer and just starting my business a few months before our call together. I was nervous what she would say or think of my work, too. Well, needless to say I was CRAZY!

Abby was so kind and supportive of my work. She had an answer to every question I asked, which was a LOT! She gave me critiques that were so beneficial to my business, and I am so fortunate to not only call her a mentor in this business but a friend too. I HIGHLY recommend Abby if you’re looking for a mentor session. She is kind, smart, relatable, and knows the ins and outs of this business like the back of her hand. Invest in her, you won’t regret it!!!"

- Logan

"Being mentored by Abby was such a great investment to do for myself. Being able to go on a shoot with her and shoot along side her was so rewarding and such a great learning experience especially because I wasn’t confident in my posing with clients. She’s amazing at getting her couples to laugh and have fun, I’m grateful to have learned some of her tips and tricks! I highly recommend going on a live shoot with Abby. She is such a great mentor, and I’m honored I had the experience to work along side her and be able to grow on my journey because of her."

- Shania

"Abby is incredible. She’s shared so much knowledge about the industry with me and so many others and had had a huge impact on my career. You can feel that she cares about your success and your work— she takes the time to engage on my posts and share my work with her following MONTHS after our mentor session. Abby— you’ve taught me more about photography + life than I could ever ask for.


- Persie

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