mentor sessions 


you know the saying, "we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two"? that's how photography is for me. I've seen it all. I started this photography journey of mine with a $400 purchase of a new camera from Amazon and a fiery, burning passion for opening up my creativity + documenting big moments in my clients lives. 

if you're looking to pickup this crazy, wild thing called photography and truly learn the ins and outs of this business, a mentor session is the best way to do that.

check out these packages below and see what's best for you. you  + your willingness to learn are all that's needed to make your business flourish. 

let's freakin do this!!! check out my packages below + let's chat.

1-on-1 meetup
live shoot
the workshop 


 "you ever meet someone and instantly become friends with them? that's how it was with abby. I booked her for a meet up + also a session to go out and shoot alongside her and she was SO helpful and kind. at a few points during the shoot I had to stop cause I needed help and abby was there + ready to answer all my questions. we laughed and hung out and photographed an amazing couple and I loved it. I am so ready for our next shoot and to learn some more! I booked a session for my business just from the content I created with abby. i couldn't be any happier. abby, i love you! thank you for being so driven + willing to teach."