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     Andy + Tommy

          maternity boudoir, donuts, and a whole lotta love

Andy and I have been speaking and chatting for almost half a year now. for months we’ve been going back and forth trying to find a time for us to do photos and finally get to meet each other! since july, we’ve scheduled multiple sessions but between us being an hour and a half away from each other, my husband being military, and her being a full time momma + amazing blogger, our schedules hardly aligned and something always got in the way. plus, rain. rain was a big issue (ugh!).


finally we were able to meet and it was SO worth it. Andy welcomed me into her home with open arms and we hung for about an hour just chatting, cracking jokes, and documenting such an important time for her and her husband. one of my favorite things when it comes to sessions is clicking instantly with my clients, and that’s what happened with these two. we laughed, we ate donuts, we got to know each other, 


our session began with donuts, which in my personal opinion, is the best way to begin a session. andddd can we talk about how beautiful Andy looks while being halfway through her pregnancy? seriously, she killed it! 


these two crazy lovers went along with all my ideas, loved up on each other like no one was watching, and seriously brought my vision to life. it’s crazy how in just a short hour with my couples, I can learn so much about their love story. 

i seriously cannot wait to document and work with this beautiful momma again sometime soon and photograph more fun, unique shoots. 


i love you, Andy + Tommy! can’t wait for your baby girl to arrive very, very soon.


check these photos out! 

p.s.- you can follow this beautiful momma on instagram

click here to follow her and keep up with her really amazing lifestyle, pregnancy, and blog! 

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