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                      Miguel + Bianca
                          Easy Like Sunday Mornings
                                              In Home

Bianca + Miguel have been my clients ever since I moved to Connecticut. These two crazy kids have been together nine years and their love seriously could move mountains. Over my year and a half of living in this beautiful, windy state of Connecticut, these two have brought my creativity to life and modeled for me in the most wonderful ways. They have always been down for my crazy pose ideas. We’ve done a water session, beach session, and got creative at a park that looked like nothing that we turned into something so beautiful. Just recently, they purchased a home in Groton and I’ve been messaging them on and off cause I knew I needed to do an in home with them ASAP. And it finally happened! Their house was absolutely beautiful. They are absolutely beautiful and I seriously freakin love them. And they went along with all my crazy ideas. 


Seriously, nothing is sweeter than an in home session. You, your honey, surrounded by your familiar space you've built together + snuggling up and avoiding the cold?! And these photos give me all the snuggly vibes, too. 


If you wanna see what I’m saying, scroll down to see their perfection. In home sessions are such an intimate, warm, cozy thing and I’ll forever love them! 

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