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          Amanda + Matt

                         She Said YES 

              The sweetest proposal in                                         Barkhamsted, CT

this. this is what photography is all about. this is why I do what I do. to be apart of big moments like this for my freakin amazing couples. to be apart of moments like this that make me smile from ear to ear behind my camera and get teary eyed as I think about just how beautiful and special a moment like this is. moments that change my couples lives for the better. moments amazing people like Amanda have been waiting for since they met their person. moments that make my couples cry feeling that amazing joy that sweeps you off your feet. 


a few months ago, Amanda scheduled another couple’s session with me. I had the pleasure of photographing these two babes back in the summer, so knowing I had the opportunity to do it again was such a freakin blessing and I was so so pumped! after chatting back and forth with Amanda for a few weeks, we finally found an amazing location for photos and now it was all just a waiting game. I remember one day I was sitting on my couch (let’s be real, that’s everyday) editing up one of my last weddings for 2019 when I saw a message pop up from Matt on my phone (Amanda’s boyfriend). From what I could see on my lock screen, it said, “Hey soooo our photoshoot on the 6th, I’m thinking about proposing! What do you think?”

guys, I don't think I’ve ever opened a message SO quick. I jumped off my couch from excitement because I KNEW this was going to be perfect. sometimes I get this gut feeling from a lot of my sessions just KNOWING it'll be amazing, and this was one of those. 


I remember responding to Matt and saying YES YES and how much I LOVE that. And I knew Amanda would love it, too. this was going to be so. dang. perfect.


the next step in planning this surprise proposal and making sure everything went according to plan was figuring out how, where, and when during the session would be the best time for Matt to ask the big question. eventually, Matt decided he wanted to ask her at the end of their session together, and I thought that was perfect. 

throughout the whole hour of us taking photos, I felt nervous. I’m sure Matt felt more nervous than me. both him and I were holding onto this big surprise, just waiting for that last pose where we’d have him down on one knee, asking Amanda to be his wife. the anticipation was high, but I knew in the end it would be absolutely perfect. 


as our session slowly came to an end, I remember looking at Matt and Amanda and saying, “this will be one of our last poses.” I looked at Matt and could see he was ready and knew exactly what I was implying. 

I asked Amanda to turn around and face the opposite direction of Matt, and told Matt I wanted him to sneak up behind her and give her a big ole bear hug and just attack her (with love). 

however, instead of sneaking up behind her, he got down on one knee and pulled out the ring and asked her to turn around. instantly, Amanda picked up on what was going on and was brought to tears. and I couldn't help but smile from ear to ear behind the camera just knowing how freaking special this moment was and just how beautiful my job truly is. and of course, the stress of making sure things went perfectly for this surprise slowly melted away. it was perfect. these two were perfect and this location was perfect. just them, an amazing view, and me their to document it. no elaborate setup, no flashing lights, nothing. just Matt down on one knee, and to be honest, friends. nothing could have been more perfect. 


the moment Matt got down on one knee, I noticed one thing while I was in full force concentration making sure I captured the shot. I noticed no cars were passing by on the busy road above us. It was silent, and above all: absolutely freaking perfect. 


when it comes to me writing blog posts about my amazing couples, I often times struggle to end my writing. it’s hard for me to find a good place to stop. but I think I have the perfect way to end this amazing story.

after the proposal had ended and Amanda had wiped away her tears and given Matt the sweetest embrace, Matt said, 

“I’m buying you subway after this, that’s for sure.” 


So I’m just going to end it there. 

Congrats, Matt and Amanda!! I love you both SO much!

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