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        S P O O K Y + B O H O
           Deana + Christopher



Last minute stylized shoots got me feeling some type of way. It’s amazing what you can create with a simple idea, decorations from your home, and a little bit of skull makeup + the most beautiful flowers EVERRR. 


A few weeks ago, I messaged Deana about wanting to do a spooky themed shoot. We had been trying to meet up for months, but with my photography business being so busy and her working in her salon, the opportunity never really presented itself. In October, I had a session almost every day and my weekends were fully booked except for one day: Oct. 26th. To be honest, I left this day open so I could have a day of rest. However, a few days before, my husband told me he was going to be helping his friend with his car that day so I figured why not make myself busy and just do the dang thing?! 


Soooo, that’s what we did and this glorious magic happened! Our session idea was originally supposed to take place at the top of the cliff next to Castle Craig, but when the unfortunate news of the gates closing at 4:45pm came to us, we had to act fast. As I was driving around Hubbard Park in Meriden, I saw this little pull off area and fell in love. And to be honest, I don't think this could have looked any better. I am for sure coming here again with one of my lovely clients. So, if you like this look, let me know! I would love to go back and do some more photos! 


At 4:20pm, Deana, Chris and I arrived, set up, and created pure, spooky magic. Tons of people hiking the trails at Hubbard Park stared, stopped what they were doing just to watch us, and started up a conversation with us just to know what was going on. It was amazing. 


The makeup pictured was done by the amazing makeup artist Nadia Pascale ( who is based out of Branford, CT. She does amazing work and truly knows how to go above and beyond for her clients. If you're looking for a makeup artist, check her out! 


The insanely gorgeous bouquet and flower crown were made by Cynthia of Cynthia’s Flower Shop ( She is also based out of Branford, CT. If you're on the lookout for a gorgeous bouquet for your wedding or engagement session or anything, check her out! She will not disappoint.


Thank you so much to all the vendors for making this small, last minute shoot possible! 


Can’t wait to create some more magic soon.

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