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     B E  Y O U R S E L F
          D i a + C h a r l e s

                   I swear this is these two's life motto.

     Charles + Dia are a powerhouse couple, no doubt about it. These two are the definition of an adventurously wild + superrrrr in love couple! 

     Our session began at the perfect location at Devil's Hopyard in East Haddam and ended at Enders Falls. Long, tall trees surrounded us as we ran around the park, photographing love + sharing our stories with one another and it was perfect.

     These two drove all the way from Boston to have me document their love + engagement and we clicked so well, I swear it was a match made in heaven.

     Dia is from Hungary, but is currently living it up in Boston, being an amazing tattoo artist. Charles is from Mexico and is also a photographer. He used to be a model, as well. I am slowly trying to convince these two to drop everything they're doing and just become models. Can ya blame me?! 

    Aside from their cute dogs they brought along to the session, you may notice that white van makes it's appearance in a lot of their photos. That is Bertolina (whose original name was Bertha) but Charles changed due to finding out Bertolina is an Italian dessert. Seriously, I love these two. 

     Bertolina is currently being renovated / fixed up while these two make home in Boston for the time being. Beforehand, these two traveled the United States living out of that van and if you ask me, that's pretty dang cool

     While meeting these two is considered a match in heaven in my book, I think the way these two met + found each other goes well beyond that. Their love is fierce, adventure filled, + daring. They're the type to go hand in hand into any situation and know they'll come out on top together. I love them. ​

"So, we got our wedding photos taken the other day by the lovely @abigailreneephotography and we couldn't be any happier with how they came out. We had a lot of fun (in most of the pictures we were cracking up), and it was such a lovely day and a perfect representation of the life we are creating together. Now just to get the old lady van done so we can get on the road. (Also, get ready for an abundance of these photos, I have no shame and they are great)." - Dia

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